All of the following are sources for and links to government information, legislative activity, activism, and news.
``We would like to see action, rather than words.'' - Aung San Suu Kyi

last updated November 2012

Ratifiers for Democracy international sites:
Ratifiers for Democracy
 This site talks about the USA in particular, but is relevant to any non-parliamentary system of government. 
UK and Europe-based, but relevant anywhere that parliaments exist or are considered.
THE AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC: A citizen-centred alternative
Where nothing's impossible . . . except democracy
Dedicated to all who live in cosmetic democracies, knowing that even the best democracies wear a little makeup. This site is inspired by Singapore, whose government sells the data base of its population to scientists with the slogan "Where nothing's impossible", and where it labels the lack of freedom of speech as "consensus"

Some other thinksites from Ratifiers for Democracy:

Happiness and Democracy
Athenians vs. Yankees in the Democracy World Series


Some Ratifiers Commentaries:
The Pledge

Democracy and God: Songs to sing in the War on Terrorism

Democracy and Public Service

News and Commentary Portals:


Project Censored - Media democracy in action

Global Post

World Press Review

Arts & Letters Daily

All Africa


Media Monitors Network

Real Clear Politics





One World: Nations online - International News Sources

ABYZ News Links

Alternative News Sources

World Directory of Think Tanks


Politics and Government:

Center for Public Integrity  Investigative journalism in the public interest

Factcheck.org This excellent nonpartisan project should be something that should be ongoing, not just a service in times of campaigns.

Political Information: Fast Politics -A Search Engine for Politics and Policy  A portal and search engine for politics, policy and political news (primarily US-oriented)

Political Money Line

Parliamentary Elections around the World  To instantly be informed, this is the definitive site.

IFES (International Foundation for Election Systems) Links International organization dedicated to free and fair elections, with links to election commissions and democratic activities worldwide
IDEA- International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
"Our objective is to promote and advance sustainable democracy and to improve and consolidate electoral processes world-wide. Independent of specific national interests, we provide a forum for interaction and exchange of experiences among a variety of global actors involved in promotion of democracy."

Malcolm Farnsworth's VCE Politics Pages Australian-based, but excellent for both Aussie and US politics, and with a special personally-developed file on Watergate.

Political Lexicon From the US Department of State International Information Programs
News Watch  a project of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism of the San Francisco State University Journalism Department.

Specific legislative information

Election Notes: Daily International News of Elections
Lijphart Elections Archive. International, but Western Europe-oriented.
The (USA) Public Debt to the PennyFrom the Bureau of Public Debt. Look and weep, if you're a Yank. Boggle, if you are not. At least the American Government publicly admits it, though.
Thor+: Selected Government Documents From Purdue University, an exhaustive, but easy-to-use search engine for documents such as the Congressional Record
Web Sites of National Parliaments
USA Federal / State
First Gov The umbrella site defined as "Your first click to the US government: The official government gateway
Write your Representative (do it all from this  US House of Representatives site easily)
US Senate Contact your Senators, read the news, search bills.  Excellent, easy-to-use portal
Yahoo! (USA) State Governments on-line


Reporters without Borders

Transparency International

Freedom House

Amnesty International

The Democracy Center

Office of Intellectual Freedom

Union of Concerned Scientists

Just Response

The Heritage Foundation

The Brookings Institution

Words without Borders